Experiences of our students

 "When I started with Francesca and Massimo, my singing was at a turning point. I had come a long way with my previous teacher, but not enough, to a professional level. Yes, I sang arias, but I didn’t get them to go through properly.

Massimo and Francesca’s strong professionalism, knowledge of music and repertoire, and the warm, encouraging atmosphere have been crucial. I've developed a lot. Now I sing bel canto- and Verdi repertoire, I have received excellent teaching in technique and interpretation.

A professional Italian singing teacher and a conductor on the same course is a combination that can only be strongly recommended."  

Joni Timonen, tenor

”I’ve gained a lot of new insights and confidence with my training routines, found more brightness in the sound and ease on my high notes. In addition, I now have more clarity and certainty, in particular in performing the Italian opera repertoire.

Francesca is an encouraging, precise, clear and supporting teacher, and her experience of performing opera roles on grand stages is very inspiring.  As a vocolologist, she has a delightfully wide understanding on the physiology of singing.  Massimo’s répétiteur skills complete this package brilliantly.  I can warmly recommend the Bel Canto Academy’s courses.” 

Liisi Pettersson, soprano
Singing teacher, vocologist

"When my studies at the Belcanto Academy began, I thought I had some small technical difficulties to solve, but overall I felt at ease with my singing and repertoire. During the first technique lessons with Francesca I realized the way to work was very different from what I was used to.

It was not at all easy to break the old habits and change, but it became very clear that my technique had many limits as soon as I found myself in front of a new Mozart repertoire, that I had not sung before. I rolled up my sleeves and worked under the microscope of Francesca and Massimo to change my vocal technique and musical interpretation to an easier approach, not pushing but leaning on the body and resonance.

Little by little I noticed I had managed to do things I though were not possible for me. I had strengthened and extended my tessitura, and discovered a new repertoire closer to the real characteristics of my voice. 

While attending the Academy my whole perspective on the art of singing has changed. It has reached a point of no return: without exaggerating I feel as if my eyes have finally opened for vocal technique (or maybe I should say my ears)."

Anna Manfio, soprano
Belcanto Academy Trentino

Eleonora Filipponi, 
Belcanto Academy Trentino