Belcanto Academy Finland

Learn the art of Italian Opera

Study in Finland with experienced Italian opera teachers!

Belcanto Academy Finland is a unique opera school targeted for classical singers and pianists, who want to learn Italian opera repertoire and the art of Belcanto! The Academy's methods are rooted in both the traditional school of belcanto and in deep undestanding of vocology. 

There are no age limitations for participating in the teaching. If you are still finishing your studies or are an amateur singer, with a solid background, we will also welcome you to participate in our courses. Please don't hesitate to ask us!

The lessons are held in English, but we support you to take advantage of the possibility to learn Italian, while studying with us.

Technical lessons with: Francesca Micarelli, Operasinger and Vocologist

Repertoire lessons with: Massimo Lambertini, Pianist and Conductor

Course open for all classical singers

Possibility for extra lessons on Aug 16-17th for those interested