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Course curriculum

The master class for vocal technique and repertoire consists of a daily voice lesson and a daily repertoire lesson. On the last day we combine these and do stage work with the repertoire rehearsed during the course.

Vocal technique and repertoire 

- 4 Vocal technique lessons with Francesca Micarelli
- 4 Repertoire lessons with Massimo Lambertini
- 45 min lessons are held one on one. The last day we will work together on the learnt repertoire on stage.
- There will be an option to also work on ensembles with other students, for those interested.


- Work on arias, ensembles or complete opera roles. 
- We ask singers to kindly let us know what you wish to work on at least two weeks ahead of notice, so we can give a chance for the assisting pianists to get familiar with the repertoire. Pianists will only play what they have rehearsed. Other repertoire will be accompanied by the teacher.

Pianists / répétiteur students

- Group lessons from Massimo Lambertini
- Coaching from a conductor / répétiteur, when assisting at the repertoire lessons
- The list of repertoire will be sent two weeks before the course starts. You can select which pieces or roles you want to prepare

Additional group lesson options to those interested:

- Work on posture, breathing and functional / kinetic movement patterns with Maria Svan
- Improve stage presence with psychophysiology and mental exercises. L
earn to monitor and adjust the body's autonomic reactions with Maria Svan
- Work on your Italian pronunciation and grammar with Francesca Micarelli

Each student will get their personal schedule a few days prior to the course.

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Opera singer
Artistic director

Assistant artistic director

Somatic trainer / DMT
Executive director

Pricing & Registration

Sign up closes 3rd of July

Vocal technique and repertoire

Sign up now - 360 € 

Price includes VAT

What is included in the full 4 day course price?

  • 4 voice lessons with Francesca Micarelli (worth 280 €)
  • 4 repertoire lessons with Massimo Lambertini (worth 280 €)
  • (Other options for 1-3 days participation available on the sign up form after clicking the button)

  • You will be sent an invoice by email for paying the course fee 

pianists / rÉpétiteurs

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What is included?

  • Assisting at the repertoire lessons with the guidance of Massimo
  • A list of repertoire will be sent two weeks before the course starts. You can select which pieces or roles you want to prepare

  •  In return of the free tuition, we expect you to be committed to rehearse repertoire and assist at the repertoire lessons.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS for payment and registration

The sign up fee will be billed by sending a pdf-invoice to your email.

We must enforce these cancellation terms due to the expenses that will incur if a course is not cancelled well in advance. These expenses include for example: teachers’ non-refundable travelling expenses and the rent of the course facilities.

The student has the right to cancel the registration 15 days prior to the date of the course for free. Belcanto Academy Finland’s liability will be limited to the value of the course fees paid. If a student cancels the registration later than two weeks prior to the course, 50 % of the course fee must be paid by the registered student.

If you get sick, cancellation is possible with a statement from a health official (doctor or nurse). 

The master class will be confirmed 14 days prior to the course. The course will be normally organized, if there are 7-8 participants (depending on current course's expenses). Our liability will be limited in case of cancellation. Please do not book your accommodation or travel tickets before the confirmation. The course fee will not be charged in case of cancellation. Belcanto Academy Finland has the right to cancel a master class. 

Our liability to replace your lesson is limited if you run late. We will how ever do our best to try to exchange your lesson with another participant. Please contact us immediately at 0407583528 if you suspect you might run late. 


We welcome all classical singers, those who have just started their career or singers who are still finishing their studies. If you are an amateur with a solid background we will also welcome you to participate in our courses. Please don't hesitate to ask us if you feel uncertain about your capability to attend!

For pianists we expect you to have good prima vista skills and that you have finished formal training in piano / are at the end of your studies. For example a pianist, répétiteur, church musician or a piano teacher's degree would be a good background for developing your répétiteur skills with our Academy. We inform the pianists two weeks a head of time about the singers repertoire for each master class. You choose from the list and let us know what you want to learn for the course. 

For Courses in PIEKSÄMÄKI: Look for many options by clicking this link. You can also ask for the possibility to stay in the modest and very affordable dormitory of the Step-education campus (may not be the best option for people who are sensitive to indoor air quality).

For Courses in ORIVESI: The Orivesi Campus offers Hostel like accommodation for 40 € /per night in a single room (shared bathroom). The rooms have a common kitchen, that can be used. For more demanding needs, Hotel Sointulais a good option.

We mainly work on complete opera roles, but especially at the beginning of our work together, it is possible to start for example with arias or repertoire you are most comfortable with (also possible to work on oratorios & cantatas). You can ask us which repertoire we recommend for you (and your characteristics) to study for the future master classes, once we get to know and hear you. 

Always bring two sets of sheet music. One for you and one for the répétiteur. A general rule to follow is: for Italian opera always use Ricordi, for Mozart usually Bärenreiter. Naturally, there are some exceptions. For example with Die Entführung aus dem Serail use Peters. Vocal scores with multiple languages are hard to read, and there might be extra notes added to make the translation fit. We recommend buying one score for yourself and borrowing the other copy from a library or from another student. You may also use an iPad.

First of all, there are no age limitations for participating in the teaching. Also, even if it has been a while since your last lesson, you are more than welcome to our master class. You are here to study for your own benefit, not to compare yourself with other singers or pianists.

The lessons are held in English, so no worries! If you want to take the opportunity to learn Italian while studying with us, we will do our best to help you by gradually using some Italian in addition to English.

Yes, you can study the important roles for your voice type in other languages such as German or French. Also if you have a specific event coming and you need to study sacred or Lied music, we are happy to help you. There are not that many options for studying Italian repertoire in Finland with native Italians, so we recommend you take the best of what we can offer and mainly work on Italian repertoire. 

Usually our master classes are 4-day courses. Most of the teaching is one on one. Singers will get 4 lessons in vocal technique + 4 lessons in repertoire. The lessons are 45 minutes each, except usually on the last day we all work together rehearsing the music on stage.

The pianists will have a short meeting/lesson with Massimo every morning, and get guidance while assisting Massimo during the repertoire lessons.

Sometimes we also have a concert as a part of the master class.

For additional lessons, there will be a chance to do sessions of somatic and posture work and Italian language. Ask more if you are interested.

There is no risk in signing up. If the course would be cancelled by the Academy, the course fee will not be charged. The master class will normally be organized when the minimum of 6 to 7 paying students have signed up. The master class will be confirmed 14 days prior to the master class. For more information, please also read through our terms and conditions before registering. 

Pregnancy and giving birth can have a big impact on your body and therefore also on your vocal technique. If you have recently given birth, there is no reason not to participate, if you feel you have the energy and motivation to start working again. Our voice teacher, Francesca also has a degree in medical vocology, so she is a perfect person to help you get to know your voice again and to take control of your possibly changing technique.

If you need to take your baby along to the class, please don't hesitate. The teachers themselves have two kids, and are very supportive to new parents. If you know that having your baby along will keep you too distracted, you can have someone come along to entertain the baby while you are singing, or ask help from other students. 

If you have a vocal dysfunction, please contact us at [email protected] before registering. With a stable medical condition such as asthma or acid reflux you can register without prior notice. If you suspect your vocal chords are infected, council a phoniatric or ENT doctor before signing up. Our voice teacher, Francesca has a degree in medical vocology, so she can help the rehabilitation of your voice in cooperation with your doctor.

Currently our Academy runs without any external funding. Nonetheless, we try to keep the prices low. We recommend that you apply for a scholarship / grant to fund your studies for example from the Finnish Cultural foundation. In the long run we wish to be able to offer also courses with free tuition. If you notice any interesting ways for us to get funding, please give us a hint!

Another option to keep in mind: It is also possible to participate for 2 days for a smaller course fee. More information available on the sign up form.

Other questions about the master class or registration?